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eTrainCenter is a learning management system (LMS) that provides authoring tools (SiteBuilder) that facilitate trainers and administrators to create their own online content and assessments. eTrainCenter provides integrated e-learning systems for industries looking to extend the training and continuing education platform for their employees, clients, and colleagues by using a flexible, diverse, and user-friendly delivery model.

eTrainCenter delivers advanced educational technology to support the diversity of learning styles through an efficient, personalized, and effective delivery model. Industry leaders use eTrainCenter as an exciting learning tool to expand access to continued education, leading to an increase in the bottom line and greater productivity. eTrainCenter serves organizations of all sizes, bridging the gap from the office next door to organizations with multiple global locations by providing a wide range of licensing options.



eTrainCenter’s scalable learning management systems (LMS) allows businesses to manage, organize and deliver online content with its web-based elearner solutions, managed through an administrator function.

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eTrainCenter allows institutions and businesses to create their own online course content, which can be created using the LCMS SiteBuilder authoring tools. These authoring tools allows you to upload and organize content.

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With eTrainCenter LCMS Solutions, you can create online assessments for online courses and classroom-led courses.

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With eTrainCenter LCMS Solutions, you can create online surveys. Surveys are important way to get student feedback.

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What is eTrainCenter?





Yes, you heard it right! eTrainCenter offers a LMS and LCMS. Sign up here to start creating your own
online courses and exams.

Purchase Existing Content


eTrainCenter has partnered with OpenSesame, providing access to thousands of elearning courses in numerous categories.
It is easy to research sellers, read reviews, and preview courses.

Buy only what you need. Purchase courses by the seat or site license (with unlimited use in your LMS for one year). There
are no complicated contracts. Once you’ve made a purchase, load your course directly to eTrainCenter or your LMS.
Your users’ information will be tracked in your learning management system.

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eTrainCenter is a provider of an integrated LMS and LCMS e-learning system for businesses who wish to place
education online.

We provide affordable e-learning solutions which include customized LMS products, LCMS products and other LMS/LCMS
tools. Whether our client’s needs are LMS solution-based or LCMS solution-based, eTrainCenter has the learning system
solutions you need. Our LMS products and LCMS solutions allow our clients to customize and create online training
courses to suit their specific needs. eTrainCenter LMS and LCMS solutions combine the richest and most
flexible tools with content management capabilities, options for customization of the e-learning experience,
and integration with each organization’s existing corporate infrastructure.


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