Mercer University, Atlanta, GA
"The eTrainCenter system offers our faculty a versatile platform that is more user-friendly than others we have used"

Richard N. Goddard
Maj. Gen. (ret)
Vice President for Technology
Development & Public Policies
Mercer University
Atlanta, GA

STI Knowledge, Inc., Atlanta, GA
"eTrainCenter's flexibility and reliability allows us to create online courses in days, not months. As a result, STI can reach more customers who cannot leave work to attend instructor-led training."

Heather Schramm
Director of Education
STI Knowledge, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

"Creative Logic Solutions has help take our online program to the next level. The CLS team has worked with us to create an online learning solution that fits the needs of our customer, content developers, and program administrators. After searching for a solution for a long time, we found that the eTrainCenter LMS and LCMS is the perfect fit."

"Our corporate customers and content developer find it easy to use, yet powerful. The students enjoy the collaboration and effectiveness the system provides them. With the Creative Logic Solutions team and the eTrainCenter leading the way, our organization’s online learning growth potential looks very bright for many years to come."

Jason Sunseri
Senior Instructional Designer
6385 Corporate Drive, Suite 301
Colorado Springs, CO

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